Winter Gardening Tips

  • Tree Pruning—Most deciduous trees respond well to pruning during their Winter dormant period. Generally it is best to wait until a few weeks after the last leaves have fallen off. Pruning is a skill that can be learned with some practice, and the results in the Spring of careful pruning are always worth the effort. If you have questions about when to prune your tree or trees, stop by the Gardens and ask, or Contact Us and let us know the age, location and type of tree.
  • Sod Removal—A sod lawn is a luxury in Southern California, as water rates rise and supplies become more tenuous every day. Winter is a good time to consider removing a lawn and planting drought tolerant plants and edible vegetables, herbs and fruits. This type of renovation is a major project that may take months, and require professional assistance. During Winter, other gardening chores are minimized, and professional assistance from professional landscapers and architects is often more available. Thinking of removing your lawn? Contact us to chat about some possible planting strategies.
  • Soil Preparation—Now is a good time to remove older plants and organic waste from your garden and landscape. Don’t forget to replace vital nutrients that may have been removed from your soil. We have a wide variety of organic supplements, and years of experience with bringing mature gardens back to life. Contact us at Cedros Gardens and talk to our specialists to get the right products for your yard and garden.

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