Types of Compost Tumblers

Gardeners who use the compost tumbler enjoy a greater crop yield. The composite material also acts as pesticides and they keep off pests. There are many other benefits that are associated with composite tumbler. If you know how to use the equipment, then you can enjoy the full benefits.

What is Best Compost Tumbler?

It is very important for you to know what the composite tumbler is and how to use it. A composite tumbler is a sealed container that is used to decompose materials. The container is designed in a way that it can rotate to mix the materials. This feature is an upgrade from the famously known composite bins. These traditional bins cannot be rotated and you will have to manually mix the composite materials.

You need to use quality compost materials for better results. Once you finish installing the deep lawn edging, take the materials into the compost bins.

The Different Types of Compost Tumblers

There are different types of these garden compost tumbler and you need to know how they function before buying.

* Sealed Drum Compost Tumbler

This design is made from a basic drum or barrel like structure which is mounted on an axle. The axle is what enables the tumbler to spin and rotate the composite materials. The barrel structure is fitted with items that enhance the rotation process. The advantage of this design is the simplicity in design and it does not have many features. There is a limitation associated with this design; it takes more time to decompose the materials.

* The Aerated Compost Tumbler

This is the best garden compost tumbler. It has been designed with a drum like structure. The greatest feature in this design is the air delivery feature. This drum has been designed in a way that it allows air directly into the composite materials. Composite material needs oxygen to decompose and so the air provided will enhance the decomposing process.

* The Double Bin Compost Tumblers

As the name suggests the tumbler has been designed with double with two bins that are set side by side. The design of this tumbler promotes a quicker composting process. The tumbler has thick insulated compartments that enhance the conversation of heat produced during the composting process. This heat is what quickens the process. These items are more expensive than the other designs.

The Pros And Cons


They are great designs that have great advantages:

* The composting process is fast; the design on this composite tumbler enhances the composting process. With these tumbler composters the process can last for about 3 weeks.

* They are tightly sealed, which keeps of the rodents and other pests from the composite materials.

* With these designs, you will not suffer from the composite odor that is produced by the decaying materials.

* They are tidy and have features that make them suitable for the urban residential areas.

* The compost bins do help you in cleaning your lawn. The process of installing a deep lawn edging normally leaves the lawn dirty. It is thus important for you to take the waste into the compost bins.


As great as they are, they do have some limitations;

* They are very expensive; the material used in building the tumblers is what makes them expensive.

* There are some designs that are heavy and they cannot allow the composting of many compost materials.